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Thank you very much for viewing my site, I hope you will be entertained, informed and inspired as I try to share my passion, love and enthusiasm for America’s music with you and the rest of the world. Viewed through the prism of Blues music, America’s history and culture has influenced every aspect of art globally with the tonal and rhythmic sophistication of its music. America through its music has spoken quite succinctly to the human spirit and has shown the world that the human and the spirit are one as they cohabitate, create and document the life and aspirations in the pursuit of ones liberation and happiness.

Blues Music is the Classical Music of the 20th Century


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Bluesman/educator Nathaniel “Nat” Dove is a man on a mission. If you’ve ever met or talked to him, chances are you’ve been affected by the passion that’s fueled his every step since he emerged from Mumford, Texas in the early 1950’s to take his place as a proud torch bearer of the blues/boogie-woogie/barrelhouse piano tradition. His impressive resume as a musician includes membership in the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame, several world tours with his own band, performing and recording turns with Mama Thornton, Big Joe Turner, T-Bone Walker and Robert Cray (to name but a few) and writer of the original score for the Rudy Ray Moore classic 70’s film, “Petey Wheatstraw.”


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His credentials as an entertainer might be enough to last some of his peers a lifetime, but Nat Dove views his calling “to promote blues and jazz through education…” as sacred—and he’s devoted more than three decades to it. He’s authored books on the genre, lectured at universities around the world on topics ranging from blues’ true origins to the role of Duke Ellington in the Harlem Renaissance of the 20’s and founded the Bakersfield Blues Preservation Society. The Blues Foundation Presented Dove with their highest award (lifetime Achievement for Keeping the Blues Alive (KBA) for Blues Education.


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“Blues, gospel and jazz music is America’s gift to the world,” says Dove. He has created the Boogie Blues Connection to help spread that message. Simply put, BBC is a one-stop organization designed to teach and promote America’s indigenous musical art forms in schools, universities, corporate gatherings and to the public-at-large through a variety of programs, workshops, clinics and lectures. Nat Dove is the glue that holds this organization together and he’s devoting significant time to promoting its importance through a series of media interviews on television, radio, print and the internet.

The Latest News From Nat...

  • Nat Dove Memorialized in Texas Blues Mural

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    Nat Dove, director of the Bryan Texas Blues Festival has been memorialized in a mural that features many of the true legends of Texas Blues music. Navasota has been known as the capital of Texas Blues for many years. The city has shared its official designation with the surrounding areas. The annual Navasota Blues Fest is a tradition. Just as in days of old, each year in August people come from miles around to hear the Texas Blues performed by true Texas musicians. Long before all of the wannabes decided that this music was of any significant value as an art form.

    Nat Dove, Lightning Hopkins and other Texas Blues greats (pictured). 

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  • Homeboys Come Home

    Souvenir Book Cover The “homeboys” are coming home to bring some down-home Blues to Bryan’s 1st Annual Blues Festival. The festival is being held at The Palace Theater located in the beautiful Historic Downtown Bryan, June 15th and 16th, beginning at 7:00 each night. The Brazos Valley African American Heritage and Cultural Society (BVAAHCS) are the hosts of the festival with support from the City of Bryan.

    Musicians performing at the Blues festival have roots right here in Bryan, Texas! The artists of the “Homeboys Come Home” Blues festival are Nathaniel “Nat” Dove, Donald “Ray” Johnson, Sunny Nash, Damu Sudi Ali (Albert Griffin), William Walker, and Sterling Williams. Each of these artists ventured out after completing their education at E. A. Kemp High School to pursue their musical careers in the Blues industry.

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  • Nat Dove’s Dreams Came True

    Dawn Lee Wakefield
    Texas A&M University Arts Examiner

    On Friday night at the Palace Theatre in Downtown Bryan, Texas, Nat Dove’s dream to launch a blues festival in Bryan came true, and it only took 50 years to happen. The state of Texas is well known and beloved for the blues, but it’s been nearby neighboring Navasota, Texas, just 20 miles south of town, that’s had the lock on the blues. Until this weekend, that is.

    Dove is an internationally acclaimed blues musician, a native of nearby Mumford, Texas. And, it was his dream over 50 years ago to bring the blues to Bryan. But things just kept delaying that dream. From California to New York City, Dove has been a professor of ethnomusicology at Cal State Bakersfield, and he’s lectured at New York University, at Tokyo’s Kunatachi Academy of Music, and in Paris at the American Cultural Center. Born in 1939, Dove says he first learned the history of the blues in Bryan.

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